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Are You Contemplating Joining a Christian Science Church? Here’s what you need to know before joining one

Have you heard about Christianity through a friend or learnt about Christianity through electronic media or Christian books, and are considering joining a church? Or do you feel like you are not getting the spiritual nourishment you need from your current church and plan to worship in another church? If any of these situations describe your current situation, it might be advisable to consider joining a Christian Science Church. Christian Sciences have been around for many years and you can become a member of this religious movement if you believe in the faith they practice and their beliefs. Here are some of the things you need to know about Christian Science Churches so that you can make an informed decision before joining one.

Christian Science Churches started operating many years ago after the founder discovered the law of spiritual healing. Since then, the church has continued growing after more Christians learn about the faith they practice. Members of these churches believe in God but there are several differences between Christian Science Churches and others. For instance, members of these churches use the bible and other books when learning about God and having more faith in Him. There are also different activities for different services that they hold on Sundays and Wednesdays. The main activities for Sunday services are taking bible lessons and getting a sermon of passages from the books they believe they contain the right Christian teachings. In the Wednesday services, church members read Christian books and share how the Christian teachings have helped them in life and how they have received healing through prayer.

The other difference between Christian scientists and other Christians is that they don’t believe in some of the teachings offered by the Bible. For example, they believe that Jesus and Christ are two different beings. They believe that Jesus was a man who lived in the first century and that the Invisible Christ is the one who heals them when they feel unwell and also cleanses their sins when they go against God’s teachings. Christian scientists also don’t believe in the Holy Trinity. Instead, they replace the third person (Holy Spirit) with divine science.

Christian Science churches have reading rooms that have the books members need when they want to learn more about their faith and doctrines. Their members are free to visit the rooms when they want to read, pray, and get inspiration. Many Christian scientists have received a lot of help from the reading rooms and even received healing when taking bible lessons.

Many Christian scientists believe in spiritual healing. However, those who want to seek medical help from doctors are free to do so. Christian scientists can also take vaccines administered by the government. The decision to seek medication in hospitals or rely on spiritual healing depends on what each member believes and the level of their faith. Christian Scientist churches have always advised their members to obey the law and cooperate with health officials when offering medical services after an outbreak of an illness or when taking measures to prevent communicable diseases.

You are now informed about what Christian scientists believe in and what they do. If you feel like you share the same beliefs, visit a Christian church near you and get more information before making your final decision.

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